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Methana City and Methana Volcano

The Methana (Μέθανα) peninsula contains some 32 volcanoes, including the Methana volcano, that are mostly andesitic and dacitic lava domes. The volcanic activity in the peninsula began 1 million years ago and continued sporadically until 300 years ago.

Poros Island



Poros (Greek: Πόρος) is a green Greek island close to Peloponnese by a 200 m (656 ft) wide sea channel, with the town of Galatas on the mainland across the strait. Its surface area is about 31 square kilometres (12 sq mi) and it has 3,780 inhabitants. The ancient name of Poros was Pogon. Like other ports in the Athens islands, it is a popular weekend destination for Athenian travellers.

Poros consists of two islands: Sphairia (Greek: Σφαιρία, pronounced [sfeˈria]), the southern part, which is of volcanic origin, where today's city is located, and Kalaureia (Greek: Καλαυρία, [kalavˈria]), also Kalavria or Calauria (meaning 'gentle breeze'), the northern and largest part. A bridge connects the two islands over a narrow strait.

Poros is an island with rich vegetation. Much of the northern and far eastern/western sides of the island are bushy, whereas large areas of old pine forest are found in the south and center of the island. It has a good road network and adequate tourist infrastructure, which makes it a popular resort for short holidays.

Aegina Island

Aegina is an idyllic island very close to Athens, thus a very popular destination for quick getaways. Belonging to Athens islands, Aegina Greece has many archaeological  sightseeings and picturesque villages

The center of the island is Aegina Town, the picturesque capital of Aegina. Boasting elegant Neoclassical buildings, narrow alleys and a bustling seafront promenade, Aegina Town is perfect for summer strolls!

Aegina is also an island with glorious historical past, as it used to be one of the most important islands of ancient Greece, so it’s not a surprise that sightseeing is one of the best things to do in Aegina! The most impressive archaeological site of the island is the Ancient Temple of Athena Aphaia, dating back to the 6th century BC.

Let’s explore Aegina island Greece!

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